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Editing An Interview


The goal of this project is to edit a 30 minute interview into anything I desire. the requirements for this project is to include three questions the person being interviewed has answered and have three cutaways in my video.

Project Skills Evidence

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.14.39 AM

How I kept my shots organize is by making table in a google doc and placing what I wanted for the appropriate scene number. What I wrote down in the table was the explanation on what was seen or heard in that scene. I use small descriptions for the montage for the video it was related too.


What I Learned

What I learned from this project is how to make unedited interview video into your own creation. It takes hard work and a long process to complete, so you really needed to be dedicated and stay on task. Overall though, it was fun and had very little limitations in was I could not do.

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